Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mine and Ethan's New Hobby

Ethan has always loved to put puzzles together and has always been really good at it but while my sister Jodi was in town she bought the kids these two puzzles and Ethan and I put them together in record time. It only took us a day for each puzzle. I was really surprised at how good he was with bigger puzzles...550 pieces to be exact. We will definitely continue this hobby 'cause it gets harder and harder everyday as Ethan gets older to find stuff for him and I to enjoy together. I finally found that one thing for us!
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First day of School....FINALLY!!

The kids finally started school yesterday the 24th and I am sooooo happy! Granted I only have two and a half hours before Megan comes back home but hey, little time is better than no time. Ethan is in 2nd grade now and Megan is in Kindergarten, half day unfortunately. You have to pay for all day kindergarten here and it is EXPENSIVE! I just have to remind myself that when this year is over she will be in school all day and then I won't know what to do with myself. Oh wait I know...I will bake all day. YUMMY!
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Just for you, Brenda!

Brenda -

As I was reading your blog the other night about Hunter I kid you not Beckett came walking out dressed in Megan's clothes. I laughed so hard that I was reading about Hunter's dressing fopaux's and then I have got a kid that will not stop dressing in his sister's clothes. I had to take a picture so that I could post this for you. Then again today he decided to try on my socks with Megan's shoes and this is what you get. It's pretty sad that a two year old can fit into a five year old's clothes but even worse that he enjoys it. So know that you are not the only one with children who wear their clothes backwards or even wear their sister's clothes. Would Hunter do the same thing if he had an older sister with bright pink clothes? :0)
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Brochure/Menu Back Page

So this is what we have put together so far. I still have to add several items to it and then it will be done and I can start this chapter in my life. Once again Jodi has done an amazing job! Love ya Jo!
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Brochure/Menu Front Page

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My Dream!

So this is the real reason why my sister was in town doing photographs for me. I am finally juming in with both feet and going for my dream. I have decided to start out small and make baked goods from home and out of a friend's bakery here in Colorado. One day, hopefully not too far away, I will be able to have my own bakery...that is the big picture I am striving for. So here are a few pictures of the food and also the brochure/menu that Jodi and I have created to get this all started. Again many thanks to Jodi for all the work she has done. She has definitely done a lot more than I have so I just hope she takes payment in cupcakes! :0)
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New Pictures

My sister took some new pictures of us while she was in town! I think they're amazing. And for her to even have caught a good picture of Beckett is miraculous since he didn't sit still for a milisecond while we were doing pictures. Thanks so much Jo we love them.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

My Crafty Son! :0)

My children have always loved to do crafts but I never dreamed that my mouse would become the center of their crafting projects. Thanks Ethan!