Monday, April 27, 2009

Little minds are so easily amused!

This is how the kids spend their time at Grandma and Grandpa Gardner's house...sliding down the stairs. They are trying to convert Beckett into doing the same. Some day he will get the hang of it but not before we have a few plow overs and bloody noses in the process. How I wish I could have this much fun with a set of stairs!

I cannot believe he is 7 already!!

This is a couple of days early but we had to have Ethan's family birthday party due to crazy schedules. The silly kid wanted a cookie cake instead of a regular cake so easy enough for me we had a giant cookie cake and ice cream and brownies for his birthday. There will be more pictures to come after his real birthday on April 30th. Happy early birthday Ethan!!
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Cappy the Fire Dog Tattoos

After the afteroon at the fire station and sorting through their goodie bags they realized they had tattoos...every kids favorite thing. So we spent a couple of minutes slapping on Cappy the Fire Dog tattoos and this is how it turned out. Gotta love pirates. I think Beckett makes the best pirate with his new way of smiling to take pictures. Hilarious!!
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Falcon Fire Station

Uncle James and Aunt Tiff invited us for a tour of the Falcon, CO fire station. Ethan just happened to have that day off school and it was free and fun. Thanks for the invite guys we had a blast and got a nice sunburn as well.
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Our budding photographer! Megan has been known to take hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of pictures a day of just about everything she sees. She is very good at taking them of herself as you can see. Maybe some day all the pictures will pay off and she will become a well known photographer just like her Aunt Jo!
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Vacation

More cute pics that I could not load onto Picasa.

So this is our Easter! We spent the weekend in Roswell and the kids enjoyed two egg hunts and numerous hours in the bounce house thanks to Granma and Grandad. :0) We had a great weekend and loved having all our family together minus Fraser due to the grueling hours of tax season. We missed you Fras! We had plenty of ribs and pulled pork to last us another couple of months but it sure was good. It's great to be able to get everyone together for a holiday and have so much fun!
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