Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Family Picture

We took a random photo during Christmas so everyone could see us all together. As soon as my sister has her baby and is able to I will get her out here to take another family photo but until then all you get are not-so-professional photos. :0)

A Snowman made out of practically nothing!

After our big snow storm last week the kids were not able to build a snowman because the snow would not stick together. So Saturday they were playing outside and decided to try again with only a small strip of snow that had been left by the fence in the shade. Amazing that they actually got a whole snowman out of it!


For all who have been waiting patiently for a picture of Avery here she is. All of 5 months old now. Sorry this has taken so long but somewhere amongst the chaos of a new baby and a move my download cord for my camera was lost. So for Christmas we purchased a new camera and now we finally have pictures to post.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Newborn Pics of Avery

My sister Jodi did Avery's newborn photos and I must say they are absolutely precious! Thank you so much Jodi we love all the pics and are so happy you were able to come visit when she was born.