Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow!! Pictures from around the city

This storm/tornado really ripped things up in Denver!!

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Daytime after the storm!

Here are some daytime pictures of what it looks like outside. The forest area between the condos has been thinned out drastically. Before the storm you could not even see the condos across from us becuase of how thick and huge all the trees were now you can see them. You can see how well it shredded everything. And to think that our area was not hit the hardest that some other ares in Lakwood. I am gonna drive around today and get some more pictures of the city and see what kind of damage it did.
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We are not in Kansas anymore...

Our experience with a tornado last night at 10:30 looked like this but much worse in person. Pictures are not very good but it was so dark out that it was hard to get the total aftermath of the storm. I was working and the lights flickered twice and my computer shut down so I got up to see what was going on and it was dead quiet outside, so I figured someone hit a pole somewhere big deal. In a matter of seconds...literally...the house started shaking like a cardboard box and we were in the middle of it all. I would say about 70 to 80 mile an hour winds ripped the trees, bushes and everything in sight to shreds. Mid sized hail pelted everything in its path and left a blanket of what looks like snow and then in a matter of 10 minutes it was all over and it was dead silent besides the rain that was falling. We then had three screaming kids scared to death huddled in a corner in the hallway that were awaken by the howling wind and the sound of rain and hail on the windows. Beckett shook like a leaf for about 15 minutes after it was all over and when we all finally went back to bed Beckett just laid between us with is eyes wide open quiet as a mouse afraid to go to sleep. Poor little guy the storm absoltely terrified him. We did not find out until after the storm was over while watching the news that a tornado had touched down in our area and so we came to realize that we were stuck in the middle of a tornado and did not even know it until it was over. I will have to take some pictures today of the aftermath but Scott said the pool had broken trees branches and leaves and pool chairs all over the place and in the pool. Kinda scary when you think back on it and realize what actually had happended.
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