Monday, June 23, 2008

Our last party at the Payne's house before we moved. Beckett loved the car swing and was in it for about three hours! Man we need to get one of these!

Now that the cabinets are cleaned out and everything is packed away I am just the right size to fit inside the cabinets.
I have to say I am pretty good at driving 70 down the interstate and taking pictures with the camera backwards as I am watching the road at the same time!! :0)
So this is how we started out the move! Beckett was so excited to get in the car that as we were loading up the last little things into the car and moving truck he got so excited when Scott opened the door that he went running out and tripped over Scott's foot and WHAM smacked face first into the floor and busted his lip. We had to take him to the Urgent Care who refused to treat him because "they were not listed as our primary care physician" so we went to his doctor and they said if we took him to the hospital they would not do stitches anyhow because it was in the lip. So needless to say he traveled with a fat lip for two days. Poor guy!!

Ridin' in the moving truck...back to Colorado!! :0)